Monday, 14 October 2013

             .. who's ready for the road?

      Jack the strategist: If Ian Alleyne is going to represent the Partnership, why not put Oma Lalla against him? After all the man who's known how to wheel and deal, successfully, at international levels, knows, as Bob Marley sang " How you're gonna get some food, Your brother's got to be your enemy."  So Jack can kill two birds with one stone.  He can put Om Lalla on the spot and get him to choose sides, given that Om and Ian seemed to be tighter than Jack and Om. If the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) stands a chance to win this seat it will be only because there is indeed a landslide, as some believe ,given the size of the crowds on the green bandwagon. So whoever Jack puts there, ought to win, if that is the trend.  It is easy to assume that even if he only succeeds in pulling votes away from the Partnership, handing it over to the People's National Movement (PNM), Jack will be satisfied. But it’s not that simple because he will certainly be pulling votes from the PNM, the unapologetic creators of the eat-ah–food culture which the vultures that hide under the cloak of the Partnership have taken to new “heights.”   So the PNM and the United National Congress (UNC), make the same difference.  And then there is Kamla.  Poor woman.  She got the job riding a wave of support of people who had a right to demand better and she was the only alternative.  And, too, because no one was man enough to take it, in the first place.  
On the other hand, there is Jackology.
 If the former FIFA Vice President is honest with himself- and the rest of us by extension- he should know that given this opportunity, a second chance by Trinbagonians, that he should not run an entire political party albeit one with more than 100, 000 members as he claims on the platforms, just like the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation, (TTFF) (now changed to the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association, (TTFA), under new management) his vehicle to international infamy.
 That is just one of the burning issues which he has not addressed on his platforms as he wades into a Local Government Elections with a green army of more than 100, but with no structure, at all, within the organisation.
 Even if he wants us to believe that he is being pushed by this national wave and is going with the tide, then he must start by doing it right.
There must be the semblance of order.  It is a sincere thing. Constitutions are laid down for checks and balances, but in this dispensation checks and balances amount to “paper” as the hungry folks are calling it and there’s a feeding frenzy on the ground.  Greed is the new national culture, by and large.
But he ain’t ready for the road.
And Chaguanas West could turn out to be his equivalent of T&T’s 2006 qualification for the World Cup in Germany, being the smallest country to do so at the time, when it was most needed for Jack who for years that been climbing the FIFA executive ladder having been  the only man to rise from our football tragedy of 1990 as we slumped into a  national depression  and had to be satisfied with seeing  our best footballers  play themselves all over the international stage, (like Dwight Yorke’s   inspiring run with Manchester United ) with the red, white and black nowhere in sight.
 Nevertheless, the ring dong battle between Om and Ian is a certain distraction from these, among other issues which the Kamla must deal with is she is to make an honourable exit from the stage.  
 Madame PM has already decided her fate.  Backing down and out – and not accepting gracefully- the results of the Chaguanas West by election, refusing to face the people – none of whom had stained their finger in her former stronghold of Chaguanas West -was a clear sign that she did not find the warrior spirit, if indeed she had taken the time to dig deep inside herself, below the charade of politics in T&T.  Instead, she was taken by the charlatans around her, the people who line up to meet  her after she makes public appearances, who give advice  based on what they dream, foresee and other levels of deceit that may even amount to necromancy. Just as the Congress of the People (COP) failed to capitalise on the goodwill it had engendered along the east west corridor in 2010, the UNC has failed miserably at making sincere contact with its ground troops.
 So that is why, given the fact that Attorney General Anand Ramlogan seems to be  her prime strategist, ( his intervention, via telephone,  to get Ian Alleyne on board  smells like the Sec 34 email-gate) we will be in for a ring dong battle.
  What you won’t hear, at all, however, is about the white collar criminals in the midst, some of whom are party financiers on all three sides. Ian and Om will rip at each other’s throats in an emotional battle. And the high level gangsters will laugh all the way until they close the feeding trough and you are left with your finger stained and another empty bowl in front of you.
  Who set the tone?  Is it Jack, is it Anand? Six of one, half a dozen of the other?
 Even if she has no control over Jack, can’t the PM, as a grandmother and mother, try to set a different tone? Not so, she is showing herself to be the leader of that cabal.Wasn’t it Jack who a few months ago , who after  submitting  his resignation  (in fear of being dismissed and being made an international laughing stock) was begging the PM to save him from the PNM because if shedidn’t they were sure to go after Anand’s throat, afterwards?
 Now it won’t just be Ian and Om, but Jack and Anand leading, directing and strategizing a scandalfest.
 And that is how, dear folks, “they bribe with guns, spare parts and money, trying to belittle your integrity   through political strategy they keep you hungry.  Your brother’s got to be your enemy.
 Please let them know that what you know is not what they taught you.

 Jackology it is, but he ain’t ready for the road, either.
Om Lalla,
Ian Alleyne (right)  realises his dream  to officially enter the political arena. Sold!