Election charade, Panorama Bankrupt.
Keith Diaz, having busted through almost every loophole in the Pan Trinbago constitution as he powered his way like a raging bull, is now the biggest shadow over the hastily convened 2018 elections for a new executive of the “world governing steel pan body”.
Under the glare of the spotlight of the international steel pan diaspora, the incumbents and the aspirants have represented themselves as nothing short of an embarrassment.
And while they campaigned far and wide they have only opened up the gap between the so-called administrators of pan and the growing movement of players who will be the ones to determine whether Panorama 2019 comes off as planned.
As it stands, some bands may not be able to make it to competition.
 Players who are owed money may just take a back seat if they are not paid.
 If money from the National Carnival Commission’s (NCC) 2019  allocation is used to pay prize money and players remittance for 2018, then what becomes of 20…

Steelbands without balls, Scrotums already sold

All that remains is just a name. And a dirty one, at that. ForPresident Keith Diaz has delivered Pan Trinbago, by the balls, to the government of Trinidad and Tobago.
And the National Carnival Commission (NCC) is the vice grip that will hold the steel band bodyby the testiclesaccording to the draconian terms of a Memorandum of Agreement(MOA) which was signed and sealed- but never delivered to the membership- never mind that substantive issues are yet to be determined by the Court of Appeal. Not only has the President weaseled his way out of a deep holeinto which he sunk with the weight of allegations of financial impropriety, butthe MOAwhich will be in effectuntil 2021 binds the incoming President- and executive of Pan Trinbago making them redundant forthe remaining term of thisgovernment It’s the boldest play, yet, in hostile takeover bid which started under the current People’s National Movement (PNM) regime when the interest groups (representing Pan, Mas and Calypso) were absent fro…

Part 2 : Randolph Burroughs: Exposes foreign currency racket, informs US on Chadee

This is just the second in the four-part series, the voice of Randolph Burroughs, the legendary Police Commissioner (1978-1984), explains, in his words, how the Ministry of Finance (perhaps unwittingly) thebanks along withparts of the local business sector profited from the drug trade and crippledhiseffectivenessand by extension, the TT Police Service.
The excerpt is from hisunpublished biography whichchronicles, in detail, how he was framed to be removed from office and which also, through the cases he worked and solved as a detective, chronicles TT’s crime history.

Blows the whistle on Foreign Currency Racket:      ...  Money Laundering Takes Root in T&T
"In May 1983, I headed a party of police officerswhich raided the home of Dole Chadee (NanKissoon Boodram) and we found a quantity of illicit drugs. More importantly, we came across a letter sent to him by a Colombian national who was then known as a top man involved in cocaine trafficking into the USA.
He was asking Chadee, …

Randolph Burroughs Speaks: Predicting T&T Crime Chaos

This is the voice of Randolph Burroughs, the legendary Police Commissioner (1978-1984) as recorded in an unpublished biography which not only chronicles, in detail, how he was framed to be removed from office but gives an unprecedented insight into Trinidad and Tobago’s crime history. On December 5th 2005, in a special edition of the T&T Mirror, with permission from his son Edison Burroughs, we published excerpts which I will reproduce here in a four-part series. It is timely because it gives a perspective on crime in Trinidad and Tobago, explains how drug trafficking and money laundering and the foreign currency racket took root and most importantly details how the politicians -who ignored his calls for help to deal with the growing drug trade- eventually engineered his removal from office. The Chief, as he was fondly referred to, often told anyone who visited his home at Pinewood Gardens, Petit Valley that the Office of Commissioner of Police would never be the same again.

Lawsuits fly faster than bullets @ blinging Pan Trinbago

“It was rumored that Pan Trinbago money went into all the legal fees…..?'
‘Yeah right, Yeah Right,” he said fishing at first for a response to the question sprung on him, sitting on a chair behind a desk full of papers which by a wild stretch of the imagination he thought made him look important.
It was aFacebook Live broadcast courtesy Marcus Ash, Secretary of the Eastern Region of Pan Trinbago. “You see there are people who will recognize when you have a good case and when you have a good case somebody will have to pay for their losses,”Richard Forteau Secretary of Pan Trinbago, under scrutiny for the first time,said. “ Are you saying it is on record that Pan Trinbago…?” Marcus Ash continued. But Forteau shut him down, forestalling the direct question that may have cornered him into telling an outright lie. Never mind that ten weeks before on April 19th, 2018, the first cheque, 0000959 for TT$22,500, was cut forAttorney Farid Scoon, who five days later brought a claim, on April 24th…

Duvonne’s Music Activism: Who Feels it, Knows it.

Duvonne Stewart opened the gates of hell and met them face to face; the killer and the man who killed the killer. 
He faced the demons, conquered them and hadlove to spare ..with a little bit of help from his “close friend, mentor, motivator, critic”Wayne Alleyne whom he saw lying in a pool of blood on the ground just outside his home on Queen Street in Port of Spain. A murder statistic for the rest of Trinidad and Tobago, but this 59-year-old man was another one who was killed only to send a message to the other side in the turf war in the battle zone of East Port of Spain; the heartland of the island’s top three steelbands; Desperadoes, Renegades and All Stars. “They made an example of Wayne. He was so close to me that it was real. It hit me hard. Every single thing that was expressed musically in the performance of Renegades, I turned around that experience and transformed it,” Duvonne said about the murder on December 11th 2017. Yet when he cried, in front of the whole world to se…