Thursday, 16 March 2017

Who told cops WPC was murdered one week before her body was found?

They knew it was murder from the moment WPC Nyasha Joseph was reported missing one week ago when she left home, at Morvant, telling her mother that she was going to attend to “police business”. But how? When journalists report the “breaking crime news”: via their Social Media pages, most times the information comes from the cops, some of whom may not have been directly involved in the crime scene but would have gotten What’s App notification via their colleagues who  are paparazzi before detectives.
 So when  CNC3 reported  last  Friday that a body was found in the Beetham, someone already had the zeppo that the 22 year old was dead.  They quickly changed the story however, as the cops may have recanted  and declared  her missing, instead.
It was barely 24 hours after she was last seen, so in any event, to report her missing meant that they knew more than they were letting on. Under normal circumstances the police tell citizens that  they must wait for the 48 hours deadline to pass before someone is officially declared missing,
After searching on land  in the Beetham and Sea Lots, the TT Coast Guard was engaged from Saturday morning and began searching the  Gulf  of Paria near Sea Lots.
On Monday March 13th however, in the face of all that  the top Cop Stephen Williams  issued a statement  which created further confusion.  On the ground his officers were searching on land, in the  sea and by air, for a body. Yet the Head of the TT Police Service (TTPS)  “assured  the family of WPC Joseph and the national community that every effort is being made to return the officer safely to her loved ones”. 
So he set himself up. Granted he has  failed , what next? Who will hold him to task?  Did he make a mistake  and what  he meant to say  was return her body? Is her so out of touch? Was he part of the game playing, too? Didn’t he trust the “detectives”  who sniffed out that she was dead?
But the story does not end there.  From the moment the talk started that the WPC was murdered- which is on the day  after she left home to “do police business” according to her mother, all the social media posts, coming from unknown quarters, pointed to one man; the 39 year old  father of Nyasha’s child who was detained for questioning by the cops and later released.  Since then all fingers have been pointing at the man.
There appeared a What’s  App voice note in which  a voice resembling that of a police Inspector wondered aloud how could she get into the  TTPS  because of her previous connections. Didn’t Special Branch check her out, he asked, suggesting that she “maybe get a “Bull” from a senior officer” and that is how she ended up in the Service, given her connections to the father of her child, whom they identified as a “shooter for Kemis”.
And then  came this video- targeting the same man- showing  them in a tangle at a boat ride, after she was excitedly wining on another man and he pulled her away.  So  Social media is saying that this man  is somehow responsible for the murder , even though there is no  tangible evidence . Who is releasing this information? Her friends? The Police?
 Was this one man’s job? Who is responsible for this murder? police or criminal you are tempted to ask.    After all is said and done doesn’t this speak  loudly of the thin line between the police and the underworld?
 Look carefully  at what appears on social media, listen to the voice notes you get via What’s App, a lot of which a keen ear will discern is doctored to deliberately lead you in the wrong direction.
 By Thursday morning another angle emerged: a 24 year old man, whose photo was also posted all over social media, walked into the police station to “give himself up”  taking in front in the event that he ends up being  arrested and charged for a  murder which he may or may not know  anything about.
What about this seems like a crime of passion? 
Is social media the  main tool for detectives to bring the innocent to guilty or declare the guilty innocent,  slander-mongering in the absence of evidence that is gathered by hard work?
The cherry on this cake? It’s the clueless top cop and the impotent Minister of National Security. Here endeth, for now.